Dogs and Cars

Within 1 hour, the temperature inside of a car parked in the sun on a day that reached 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) or hotter, hit an average of 116 degrees F (47 degrees C).

Cars parked in the shade on a hot day had lower — but still scorching — temperatures. After 1 hour, the interior temperature of these cars reached an average of 100 degrees F (38 degrees C).


Airline Issues 

Delta Airlines has apologised after it accidentally flew an eight week old puppy to the wrong state.

United Airlines came under fire after a flight attendant told a woman to put her dog in the overhead cabin during a flight from Houston to New York, the dog subsequently died.

United pilot was forced to divert and entire flight when a dog was accidentally put on a plane flying to St Louis, Missouri instead of Akron, Ohio where it was meant to be travelling.

by Sue Goldberg

Our goal was to introduce youngsters ages 5 through 9 years old,
especially those new to AKC, to Junior Showmanship, giving them a
safe, positive experience that would hopefully entice them to continue
to participate and become more involved our sport. The PeeWee class
is neither a competition nor a handling class. Each
PeeWee unit consisted of the child, his or her parent or guardian, and
their dog. We welcomed purebreds, AKC registered or not, as well as
mixed breeds. The class was pre-entered and a nominal entry fee was
charged, merely as some assurance that the PeeWee would actually
show up!

2017 Particpants












With thanks to Director Rob Brigham, Somerset Hills Kennel Club is getting very good press!  Follow the link to view the article that Rob wrote that appears in  “AKCommunicates Weekly”.