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Spies, Kuno &Nancy, July 1974

Cuneo, Anitra,  June 1978

Terricone, Larry,  July 1979

Goldstein, Joan, October 1980

McFadden,Billie,  4April 1981

Stiles, Harry,  Novermber 1981

Walker, Lester,  November 1981

Schmidt, Sue,  December 1981

Vanacore,Connie, January 1983

Mays, Karen,  June 1983

McNeil, Marion, March 1987

Dalakian, Gerry, June 1988

Furch, Lou Ann, March 1989

Helming, Peggy & Dave, March 1989

Hamilton, Carrie, March 1989

Hamilton, Helen and Neal, December 1989

Sue and Harvey Goldberg, June 1990

Tatarowicz, Lynne, August 1991

Lisa & Andrew Warren,  March,1992

Ellen & Frank Cavella, April, 1992

Loretta Simpson, March, 1993

Ron Newbold, April, 1994